Avid techie & outdoor enthusiast. Catch Steve paddle boarding & researching the latest health trends in Austin, TX.

Steve Gagz – Chief Editor, Founder

Steve founded Body Blizzard at the start of 2022 after struggling with sleep throughout the pandemic. He began looking into sleepwear technology, such as the Oura ring, Eight Sleep, and blue light blockers. He was amazed by what he found, and couldn’t believe the modern tech that existed.

It was around this same time, Steve’s girlfriend started complaining about her bunions. Not knowing anything about foot problems, Steve went down the rabbit hole on modern foot solutions. Similar to sleep tech, he was blown away to discover incredible products to improve his girlfriend’s foot health.

After this, Steve knew he wanted to create a one stop shop for the best modern products in sleep, feet, and much more – to share with the world.

Pro surfer & personal trainer residing in San Diego, CA.

Mitch O’Brien – Contributor

Mitch has been a health & tech writer for over 5 years. He’s our go-to writer on athletic performance, longevity, and recovery. There are frequently innovative, new products that enhance athletic comfort and performance, such as the best basketball shoes for flat feet or the best wrestling shoes.

As a former pro athlete, Mitch gets to spend his free time blending his 2 passions, sports & product, as one of our top writers at Body Blizzard.

Dreamer, seeker, lover, and wife residing in Miami, FL.

Raya Bidshahri – Contributor

Raya is an entrepreneur that took her cosmetic startup to exit in her early 20’s. Now, she enjoys reading and writing about the future of skin & hair health. Most recently, she’s become fascinated with the topic self-love.

As a voracious reader and deep thinker, Raya enjoys sharing her findings as a contributor at Body Blizzard.