If you’re like most people, you probably wear your Hey Dude shoes all the time. They’re so comfortable and stylish, it’s hard to resist! But after a while, those shoes start to look a little bit dirty. Not to worry – we’ll show you how to wash hey dudes easily and get them looking like new again!

Materials Used By Hey Dude

Hey Dude shoes are eco-friendly shoes that combine sustainability with casual, aesthetically-pleasing footwear. They can comprise of vegan-friendly materials, suede, leather, and/or wool. Depending on the materials of your Hey Dude shoes, you may be machine wash them. Let’s dive in.

How to Wash Hey Dudes

Luckily, Hey Dude shoes are fairly easy to clean. If your Hey Dude shoes are made of vegan materials, such as polyester or cotton, then you can put them in the washing machine. Just make sure to use a gentle cycle and cold water. You’ll also want to remove the laces before putting them in the washer – this will help protect them from damage.

Suede, leather, and wool Hey Dude shoes should not go in the washing machine. Instead, you’ll need to clean them by hand using a damp cloth. Gently wipe down the shoes, being careful not to soak them. Once you’re done, let them air dry completely before wearing them again.

How to Wash Hey Dude Shoes

1) Remove Laces and Insoles

It’s best to remove the laces to prevent them from getting tangled in the wash. Next, remove the memory foam insoles from each shoe, which will get completely ruined if left in the wash.

2) Liquid Detergent

Powder detergent can irritate and damage the fabric of the shoe. Instead, use a tiny amount of liquid detergent. We recommend waiting until the water is 3/4 full before adding liquid detergent to prevent it from staining the shoe.

3) Wash on Delicate/Light

To prevent shrinking and warping of the shoes, be sure to wash on the delicate/light setting with cold water. Do not wash your shoes with clothes. But to balance the load and prevent your shoes from banging around in the wash (potentially getting damaged), throw a few towels in there with them.

4) Air-Dry

Drying in a machine dryer can permanently damage the integrity of the shoe. Instead, place them outside or indoors to dry. Make sure to place them in an area away from direct sunlight to avoid bleaching and damaging the fabric. Feel free to even place a dry sheet in them to remove any lingering odors!

How to Clean Hey Dude Shoes by Handc

If you’d rather clean Hey Dudes by hand (or if they are comprised of suede, leather, or wool-type materials), you’ll need a few key items for cleaning.

Items Needed to Clean Hey Dude Shoes by Hand:

  • Soft bristle brush or toothbrush (Suede cleaning brush for suede)
  • Bucket of cold water
  • Mild detergent

1) Remove Dirt

To clean your Hey Dude shoes by hand, simply begin by gently removing all dirt and dust from the outer layer with a soft bristle brush. If you have a shoe with suede material, it is imperative that you be extra careful and do not brush hard. If your shoes are made of suede, use a suede brush or a toothbrush instead.

2) Gather Cold Water & Mild Detergent

Next, remove the Hey Dude insoles and fill a bucket with only cold water about 1/2 full. Add a mild detergent and swish it around until soap suds are visible.

3) Clean with a Toothbrush

Then, grab a soft bristle toothbrush (make sure it’s soft!), dip it in the bucket, and start scrubbing your shoe. A toothbrush is great to use to get in the nooks and crannies of your shoe to remove deep dirt buildup.

4) Rinse and Air-Dry

After your complete, rinse the shoes under water in the sink to remove the suds, and air-dry them in an area free of direct sunlight. If you’d like to wash your insoles as well, repeat the same process for them!

There’s always a risk in damaging your shoes when washing. Hey Dudes are highly unique in the material and may not require washing unless you notice so bad smells or stains appearing!

How to Deodorize Hey Dude Shoes

wash hey dudes without washing instructions

If your Hey Dudes are starting to smell, there are a few things you can do to help deodorize them.

Use a Little Baking Soda

First, try sprinkling baking soda on the inside of the shoes and let it sit overnight. Baking soda is great at absorbing odors!

Dryer Sheets to the Rescue!

Another option is to place a dryer sheet in each shoe overnight. This will help freshen them up and remove any lingering odors.

Cold Therapy

You can also try placing your Hey Dude shoes in the freezer overnight! This may sound odd, but the cold temperature will help kill any bacteria that may be causing the odor. Just be sure to wrap them in a bag first so they don’t get frozen to your freezer!

Tips on How to Reduce Shoe Odor

wash hey dudes with wet cloth and mesh laundry bag

In addition to the above methods, there are a few things you can do to help prevent shoe odor from occurring in the first place.

Wear Socks

First, always wear Hey Dudes with socks! This will help absorb sweat and prevent bacteria from growing.

Change Your Socks Regularly

Second, be sure to change your socks regularly. This will help keep your feet dry and prevent bacteria from growing.

Let Your Shoes Air Out

Third, be sure to let your shoes air out after wearing them. This will help prevent moisture from building up and causing bacteria to grow.


hey dudes shoes and slip on shoes
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Can you clean the insoles?

Yes, the memory foam insoles can be removed and washed separately. You can hand scrub them with a soft-bristle toothbrush dipped in cold water and mild detergent.

Can you use Spray n’ Wash on Hey Dudes?

Yes, but it’s not the best option as it can damage the fabric.

Are Hey Dude Shoes waterproof?

Hey Dude shoes are not waterproof, but they are water-resistant. A waterproof material would negate the breathability of the Hey Dude shoe. Water resistance means that you can step in puddles without fearing that your feet will get wet.


clean hey dude shoes with machine wash

Cleaning Hey Dude Shoes is simple and easy in most cases! If they’re made of vegan materials, you can throw them in the washing machine. If they are made of suede, leather, or wool you can hand wash them with a soft bristled brush, cold water, and mild detergent.

If your shoes start to smell, you can try one of the many methods of deodorizing them such as using baking soda, dryer sheets, or placing them in the freezer overnight. Lastly, to prevent shoe odor from occurring in the first place be sure to always throw on socks, change your socks regularly, and let your shoes air dry after wearing them. Now that you can wash Hey Dude shoes, feel free to enjoy them without too much worry!

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