Toe separators might just be the solution you’re been looking for to get rid of pestering foot pain. Not only is it uncomfortable, foot pressure within your shoe is a nuisance when you have a weekend full of dancing or rigorous activities planned. 

Also popularly known as toe spacers, these products comprise of rubber, foam, soft silicon or hard plastic material and come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. Keep reading below to find out how these helpful products can return an aching foot into a healthy foot, free of pain with an effortless gait.

What are the Best Toe Separators (& Toe Spacers)? 

Original YogaToes

crooked toes and overlapping toes


Original YogaToes are the ultimate, affordable solution for fighting bunions, foot aches, hammer toes, and even more. 

Product highlights 

  • These toe stretchers help to straighten and exercise toes while increasing their flexibility 
  • Contains medical-grade gel that soothes and relieves aching feet 
  • Comes in a variety of sizes, even extra small for those who have tightly-spaced toes 


Original YogaToes are a mid-range product for those who want a natural solution to fix a variety of solutions. 

Bottom Line 

These gel toe spacers are ideal for strengthening neglected and misaligned toes from foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, bunions and chronic condition. 

Correct Toes- Toe Separators

stretch or realign toes with big toe


These toe separators are a comprehensive solution for those who suffer from prolonged discomfort from walking or standing, and even for those who have undergone surgery and orthotics. 

The comfortable product enhances toe and forefoot strength while promoting balance, natural alignment, and flexibility and improving proprioception. 

Product Highlights

  • An ideal option for weight-bearing activities like running and yoga
  • Features a design that promotes flexibility and strength for the toes 
  • Toe separators feature a smart design that position each toe correctly and in alignment with each other. 
  • Clinical studies prove that Correct Toes minimize the risks of foot injuries for athletes while also improving walking performance of walkers and runners. 
  • Incorporates only medical-grade silicon for maximum quality, comfort, durability and flexibility


These toe spacers are slightly on the higher end but are an effective alternative to many other expensive and complicated options. 

Bottom Line 

Highly beneficial for relieving foot pain problems in the elderly, patients suffering from Parkinson and promotes balance in athletes.

ZenToes 6 Pack Gel Toe Cap and Protector

worn barefoot toe separator


These gel toe cap protectors are the best variation of toe spacers for those who want relief from hammer toes, blisters, ingrown and missing nails. 

Product Highlights 

  • Features a slim design for an easy-fit inside shoes. 
  • Slide-on cushioning for protecting ingrown, missing nails and also corns, hammer toes and other painful spots
  • Toe protectors feature a sheath-style design that stay reliably and securely fit
  • Toenail protector shield eliminates risks of abrasions while gel material softens and moisturizes tissues


It’s a highly affordable product that employs only the highest quality materials for construction, in addition to being washable and latex free.

Bottom Line

ZenToes gel toe cap protectors are ideal for those who suffer from hammer toes, painful spots from constant rubbing on the feet or those with ingrown or missing nails. 

  • These toe stretchers help to straighten and exercise toes while increasing their flexibility 
  • Contains medical-grade gel that soothes and relieves aching feet 
  • Comes in a variety of sizes, even extra small for those who have tightly-spaced toes 

How to Use Toe Separators

Here is a short guide on how you can use toe separators:

  • Start by looking for a style of toe separators that will suit you best. 
  • Once you find the best toe-spacing product for use, make sure they’re a perfect fit for your feet. 
  • It is best to use toe spacers when you are sleeping lounging or can stay bear feet at home. 
  • If you particularly wish for toe separators to relieve you from toe pain while walking, then choose a product that is specifically designed for walking. 
  • Only use the toe separators for as long as you can comfortably endure them. Once you have reached the end of your tolerance, feel free to remove them from your feet. 
  • It will take your toes time to adjust to toe separators because they feel weird and even uncomfortable at first. Do not feel discouraged in the first trial or two. 
  • For the best results, combine wearing the toe spacers with stretching exercises that target the pain and misalignment for your toes and feet simulatenously.


What do Toe Separators do? 

The primary purpose of toe spacers is to hold one’s toes in the appropriate natural position. Most often conditions like ingrown toenails, hammer toes, planter fasciitis and other chronic conditions cause people to suffer extended degrees of toe pain. 

In addition to correcting the natural alignment and balance of your toes, these devices help relieve pain resulting from conditions like hammer toes. In fact, it is even more beneficial for a user to combine the use of toe separators with stretching exercises that will further improve the underlying structural problems. 

Can I use Toe Separators for Bunions?

People commonly use toe separators for bunions because of the certain benefits the devices can provide, as you can find in journal published by medical organizations. 

Researchers confirm the fact that toe spacers help relieve people suffering from moderate bunion problems. However, it is important to ensure you wear the separators for more eight hours in a day, as well as combine specific stretches and exercises. 

What to Look for when Shopping for Toe Separators?

When you go out in search for the best toe separators for your specific foot problem, here are the points you need to keep in mind while shopping. 

  • The first aspect to verify while choosing the perfect toe separators in to ensure easy usability. If the toe spacers feel more uncomfortable instead of alleviating your pain, then they’re not a good choice. 
  • You must also find toe spacers in materials that do not irritate your skin, rather moisturize, soften and nurture the tissues to facilitate the healing process 
  • Toe-spacing products must comprise of materials that are not just comfortable and skin-friendly but also durable and washable. You do not want to invest in costly products time and again, hence, your toe spacers must be washable to promise long use. 
  • Decide whether you only want the toe devices for separating and stretching your toes or for other benefits as well. There are varieties of devices that possess padding and separating capabilities, while others that provide both advantages together. It is good to analyze your specific foot problem and needs to choose the best type. 

Final Thoughts

plantar fascia toe separator

Toe separators are highly useful products that help relieve pain resulting from hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, calluses, bunions, and other condition related to the small muscles in your feet. The most common consequence of these foot problems are misaligned toes, unbalanced gait and resulting chronic pain. It often makes walking smartly and comfortably a challenge for people too. 

Hence, with toe spacers to protect, cushion, and correct the natural positioning of your toes, much of your foot aches will diminish over time.

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